We are building a Bitcoin native nation.

Join Draper Nation now and become a citizen of the nation of the future.

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  • Decentralized Governance
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Our Vision

Road to the Bitcoin Nation

By 2030, Draper Nation will become a decentralized powerhouse with physical cities where you can effortlessly invest, own property, and pay taxes – all in Bitcoin.

Draper Nation is the ultimate, online “Coordi-Nation.” After you mint your NFT passport, your citizenship gives you access to participate in initiatives to earn rewards and grow with us!

You’ll engage in seasons to unlock badges that grant access to our unique social recognition system, open to anyone with an internet connection.


Unlock Exclusive Benefits, Gain Recognition.

The first season of Draper Nation promises to be a vibrant experience, and you won’t want to miss this inaugural moment to participate and establish your online reputation in the new nation.

Your voice matters as you vote and contribute to actualize our roadmap to a Bitcoin native nation.

Citizens will have exclusive access to limited rewards and recognition available each season, building a nation and their self-sovereign reputation in it.

Our Core Values
Diversity and Freedom

Our Pioneer Citizens come from over 100 countries and a variety of diverse backgrounds. The Draper University alumni represent various countries, including Chile, Estonia, Nepal, South Africa, South Korea, Malawi, Senegal, and Iraq.

Gusto and Enthusiasm

Our Pioneer Citizens are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, passion, creativity, a desire to change the world, and grit. This nation is built around YOU. Feel free to join us and grow together.

Relationships and Community

By joining the Draper nation, you'll not only experience significant moments with your fellow citizens but also forge lifelong partnerships. Once you become part of this community, you will be embraced by a close-knit network for life.

Fairness and Opportunity

We level the playing field for our community by connecting them with experts, investors, and leaders. This gives our Draper family access to top talent, capital, and opportunities.

Who We Support

Tim Draper is a legendary investor, backing game-changing companies like Hotmail, Twitter, Tesla, and Coinbase, among 30+ unicorns.

Tim Draper’s interest in alternative government models even led him to propose dividing California into three sections.

25 Embassies

Draper Nation proudly partners with Draper Startup House to establish embassies across 25 key locations worldwide.

These embassies serve as epicenters of technological advancement, offering a seamless blend of blockchain-powered governance and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Learn more about Draper Startup House.

Pioneer Citizen Benefits

By becoming a citizen of Draper Nation, you gain access to exclusive benefits which will be released each season, and a voice in shaping the evolution of a nation:


Season 1 is launching soon. In the meantime:



thriving companies shaping the future, supported by Draper University.

25 Embassies

under Draper Startup House: co-working, co-living spaces across 5 continents.


iconic unicorns born under Draper Associates' visionary guidance.

$950M+ raised

by Draper University Alumni, inspired by worldwide talent.

Our Portfolio

Join Draper Nation now. We're making history.

We’ve invested and supported more than 700+ companies

Our Roadmap

Road to the Bitcoin native nation.

2023: Coordi-Nation
2024: Special Economic Zone
2025: Opt-in Jurisdiction