Enjoy the World's Potential.

Break Barriers. Live Borderless. Be free.

Draper Nation is a digital nation governed by its Citizens, via $CITIZEN.
Draper Nation is the first digital nation to negotiate treaties with sovereign countries, offering citizens the freedom of physical mobility.

Nation Passes




Genesis Partners






Genesis Partners

Unlock the power of innovation and efficiency. Experience a seamless future where private entities leverage cutting-edge technology to efficiently deliver government services and benefits from vetted Nation Service Providers.


Learn skills for a competitive edge.


Be safe, everywhere.


Get funded.

Remote Jobs

Global opportunities.


Live where you want to.

Tax Optimization

Set it and forget it.


Feel at home wherever you are.


Global opportunities.


Retirement plans in 145 Countries for seniors.

Genesis Partners

  • Mint Your Nation Pass 

    Unlock your earning potential. It's your power to influence the nation's decisions, contribute, and lead the movement of a digital nation. The NFT embeds a signature process for citizens to digitally endorse the nation's manifesto, check-in to events, and participate in bounties.

  • Embrace Self-Sovereignty 

    Verify Your Identity. It's proof of your humanity, ensuring control over your data. Counterparties can independently verify the authenticity of each member's unique identity, ensuring full power in diplomatic relations. 

  • Get Rewarded With Free Airdrops

    Discover new opportunities. Earn CITIZEN Points to leverage free airdrops from Genesis Partners.


The rewards potential of Draper Nation CITIZEN Points is unlimited.

Identity Verification

With 20+ verification methods available, such as Google, LinkedIn, and MetaMask. And each only takes 30 seconds to complete.

Event Check-In

Your Nation Pass Wallet makes it easy to earn CITIZEN Points through self-check at physical and virtual events, while hanging out with others from the Draper Nation community.

Connect Wallet

Link your crypto wallets to earn CITIZEN Points and receive automatic airdrops from participating Genesis Partners.

Build the Next Democracy.

Experience a new era of transparent governance for collective matters. Your voice matters. Your Nation Pass unlocks gated-access to the Parliament, a discussion forum where proposal are shared by the community, and vetted for implementation.

  • Be An Agent For Change

    Start a thread to share and discuss your proposal freely with the Draper Nation community in the Parliament forum.

  • Steward A Committee

    Each Committee will designate a Steward who will lead committee activities and act as the primary liaison to communicate progress with the Draper Nation community.

Feel At Home Where Ever You Are.

Draper Nation has 15 embassies across 12 continents. Envision a borderless world where Nation Pass holders are no longer bound by territory. As a digital nation, we will endeavor to negotiate with sovereign states to amplify freedom of mobility and stability.


Meet and mingle in twelve Draper Nation partner countries. Unlock free co-working, preferential accommodations, and access to benefits and perks with your Nation Pass.


You’ve arrived at the best place on the planet to get out of your comfort zone, and mingle with global entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors.


Where collisions between creatives, technologists, designers, and scientists become the innovations found in the world’s most impactful companies.

Free CoWorking At Draper Startup House

Draper Nation Benefits

An exclusive privilege for Nation Pass Holders.

Become a resident at 0 taxes in 12 Countries & Free-VISA Travel in 21 Countries

The Nation’s Principal Assets.

Token reserves from participating projects will be viewable in real time in the on-chain Central Bank with a transparent ledger.